Child Inclusive Mediation

Share Their Journey

Child Inclusive Mediation allows children to share their journey during the family separation and allows their often unspoken needs to be expressed to the parents in a manner that helps them to better understand the essence of their child’s experience and needs.

Parent and child holding hands
Child looking at cutouts of family members

Children’s True Perspectives

Most parents going through mediation are not aware of their children’s true feelings and views.  Understandably, many children tend to tell each parent what they believe that parent would like to hear. 

A trained Child Inclusive Mediator consults with a child about their experience of the family separation in a supportive and developmentally appropriate manner. This practice removes any burden of decision-making for children and creates an environment to freely express their true wants and needs.

When parents learn about their children’s true perspectives, they often are respectful of them and may be more likely to settle their disputes.   

Develop a Parenting Plan

A Mediator assists parents to develop a parenting plan while considering the children’s developmental needs. As a result, parents report significantly greater satisfaction with their children’s living and visiting arrangements one year from the child inclusive mediation.

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