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Service Delivery Notice

The Ministry of the Attorney General has directed us to modify the delivery of our services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

All our services continue to be delivered remotely to protect everyones safety.

To begin the mediation process, simply go to Forms in the main banner and select the

Mediation Information Form.

Each party is required to complete this form and once we receive both forms, a mediator will be in contact with you.

Please call our toll free number at 1-888-796-0483 enter your local extension and leave a message with your telephone number.

A Mediator or Information and Referral Coordinator will return your call on their next regular shift.

Children are the most important part of your life moving forward
The Mediation Centre provides court-connected on-site mediation services, comprehensive off-site mediation services (if you are not in court), information & referral (IRC) services, and Mandatory Information Programs (MIP’s) to those in the London, Chatham, Owen Sound, Sarnia, Stratford, Goderich, Woodstock, Walkerton and St. Thomas areas who are experiencing family law difficulties, relating to separation and divorce. The Mediation Centre also provides mediation training, internships and practicums for aspiring mediators.

Family mediation is a voluntary method of dispute resolution where a neutral third party can help parties resolve issues arising out of their family law matter. Issues for mediation may include custody, access, child support, spousal support, and division of property.

As a non-adversarial process, mediation allows the parties to discuss the issues in a safe environment and work towards a mutual agreement. Mediation is appropriate for parties who can communicate their needs and concerns, listen to the needs and concerns of the other party, and who are willing to work out an agreement. However, mediation is not appropriate for all people, and all potential cases are thoroughly screened for barriers to safe, equal bargaining, such as power imbalances.

The potential benefits of mediation may include saving time and money as well as reducing the conflict between the parties. If there are children of the relationship, mediation helps the parties remember that they will always be parents, and as such will still need to maintain a businesslike co-parenting civil relationship to increase the chance that the children can thrive, be healthy and cope with the many changes in their lives.

Since we provide our mediation services by contract with the Ministry of the Attorney General, all fees, where there are any, are subsidized, which never causes inability to pay to be an impediment to accessing services. There are no fees for our on-site mediation services, IRC services and there is no cost to attend a MIP.
Our team of dedicated, caring and knowledgeable staff will assist you to navigate the tricky waters of relationship breakdown, and provide service of the highest quality and professionalism, with integrity and compassion.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all about any of our services.

We have an experienced roster of mediators and service providers on staff to assist you. All mediators are recognised by the Ontario Government as qualified mediators, and are accredited by Family Mediation Canada (FMC), or Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM) or the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADRIO).
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The Mandatory Information Program (MIP) is currently being

presented by our team members in an on-line format.

For further information or to book a Mandatory Information Program (MIP)  in your area, please telephone or email:


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 700


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 701


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 702


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 703


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 704


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 705


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1-888-796-0483 Ext. 707


1-888-796-0483 Ext. 708