Intergenerational Mediation

Multi-Generational Families

Intergenerational Mediation provides a confidential and professional forum for multi-generational families to focus on a settlement concerning family issues. It is a private and completely voluntary process that benefits families by Providing them with the opportunity to explore solutions for a broad range of decisions affecting a senior family member’s life while maintaining their voice and their dignity.

Professional Trained Mediators

Intergenerational Mediators are professionally trained and possess skilful knowledge about the types of issues typically involved with older members of a multiple family group, their friends and others who are willing to give support within the community.

Intergenerational Concerns

Typical Issues and Intergenerational Family Concerns: 

  • Health and medical care (at home, hospital, continuing care and long-term care)
  • Legal issues (estate, inheritance, living will, power of attorney)
  • Progressive dementias and other memory impairments concerns 
  • Caregiving requirements and costs 
  • Financial concerns and disputes
  • Guardianship decisions
  • Housing and living arrangements
  • Intergenerational relationship issues
  • New marriages and step-relative issues
  • Religious issues
  • Family business concerns
  • Driving ability concerns
  • Abuse, safety issues, self-neglect
  • End-of-life planning and decision-making

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