On-Site Mediation Services

The Family Mediation Centre

Provides mediation services at the Family Court in both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice (family courts) in:

  • London
  • Chatham
  • Windsor
  • Owen Sound
  • Sarnia
  • Stratford
  • Goderich
  • Woodstock
  • Walkerton
  • St. Thomas 

Our On-Site certified OAFM Mediators will take cases that are on the court docket that day. Cases are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis unless there is an emergency. There is no cost for On-Site mediation. Meditation services are available in-person and remote via technology for all locations.

Each Person will Meet Separately with the Mediator First.

This “screening” is an important first step of mediation. It helps us assess whether the case is appropriate for mediation. The on-site mediator works closely with lawyers and/or Duty Counsel to ensure that all parties receive independent legal advice.

Examples of issues that may be appropriate for on-site mediation include (but not limited to) parenting issues such as the determination of and changes to parental decision making and parenting timeholidays and mobilityextended family access and child support issues such as the determination of and changes to payments and extraordinary expenses. In some instances, narrow spousal support and property issues may also be appropriate for on-site mediation.

Come to an Agreement

For those who may be able to take advantage of on-site mediation, and result in an agreement, a court order may be issued immediately by the Court. However, if the case appears to need further time and more extensive sessions, the On-Site mediator can also provide information on and take referrals for off-site mediation services.

Please refer to the Location Services for hours in a location closest to you.

During these challenging times, we are also available to our clients for on-site mediation if you have a court case file number and are pending a court date. To commence the on-site mediation process, please complete the Mediation Information Form and a member of our roster will be in contact with you to complete an intake assessment to ensure that mediation is appropriate at this time.